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History and Famous Visitors

Founded in the late 18th century, Františkovy Lázně started growing in the immediate surroundings of the František Spring, known until then as Chebská kyselka (Cheb Acidulous Water). The foundation of the spa is credited to Cheb physician, Dr. Bernard Vincenz Adler, and the hetman of the Loket Region, Count Filip František Kolowrat-Krakowský, who succeeded in gaining support from the emperor. The date of foundation of Františkovy Lázně is considered to be 27 April 1793. On this day, Emperor Franz I approved the construction of a "spa colony" of the town of Cheb according to the concept of Abbe Thobias Gruber, construction director of imperial country estates, and also consented to the spa and the most notable spring being named after him.