Spa Facilities

The unique natural healing
resources + modern therapeutic methods
= a combination that aids in
returning health 

A Town Built for Healing

Františkovy Lázně is a place that was built as a typical spa. It was founded in the late 18th century on the Baroque principle of axial symmetry and from the 1820s, it was gradually transformed into an ideal spa town with a regular chess-board street network spreading around the springs. It is one of the best preserved famous spa towns.

With its rectangular layout and uniform architectonic appearance, Františkovy Lázně represents a model spa town interwoven and surrounded with a characteristic triple belt of parks of the interior and exterior spa landscape with architecturally interesting pavilions housing the springs. The vast, mutually interconnected parks and gardens extend over a relatively flat terrain.

Quality Spa Care

The local spa facilities provide extraordinary services grounded on the use of unique healing resources in combination with modern therapeutic methods. All that has been contributing to the success in the treatment of all indications for many years. The quality of the services is demonstrated by the fact that the spa facilities are registered as facilities providing spa therapeutic and rehabilitation care. The facilities must meet many quality-related standards, including requirements on securing qualified medical personnel. 
Quality in the Karlovy Vary Region is also guaranteed by MEDISPA certification. Medispa certified spa care providers are able to guarantee their guests the best spa care in the Karlovy Vary Region, which fulfils strict criteria with regard to the quality of the utilised natural resources, as well as the professional qualification of physicians and other spa personnel.

Stays Covered by Health Insurance and Self-paid Stays 

If you have any health disorder, your spa treatment may be covered by your health insurance company. Based on the indication and the disease severity, spa treatment may be provided as comprehensive when accommodation and boarding costs (at a specific standard), as well as treatment costs are covered from health insurance, or as contributory when the health insurance company reimburses the treatment costs, while accommodation and boarding is paid by the patient.  If you want to invest in your health you may take advantage of self-paid stays. In case you need advice on how to arrange your stay at the spa, you can consult us.