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B. Němcové 116
Františkovy Lázně
351 01


The influence of nature and of the therapeutic spa landscape on people has always been particularly important. At the time of its origin, the meteorological column was a significant public information site for the spa guests and the remaining public. The climatic data measured and presented on this column reflected the current weather of the spa, which was important in terms of the therapeutic procedures of spa guests. An example could be the effects of barometric pressure on the naturally sourcing carbon dioxide, one of the natural therapeutic resources found in Františkovy Lázně.

The origin of the meteorological column in Františkovy Lázně is dated to 15 May 1882, when it was presented to the public. It was created by the contemporary “Františkovy Lázně Beautifying Society”, which was established not long prior to this date, and the construction of the meteorological column was one of its first realised events. The column was originally constructed on another site, about 50 metres south-west of the current site, between the buildings at street No. 16 and the present-day Gas Spa. At the beginning of the 20th century, prior to the construction of the spa colonnade, it was decided that the meteorological column was to be moved to its current location.