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The Green Cardio Trail

Trip information

  • Distance: 4.5 km
  • Start: The František Spring
  • Destination: The Natalija Spring

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The destination of the green circuit is the pavilion of the Natalija Spring. The pavilion commenced operations in 1931; however, the spring was already known since 1880, and was collected in 1912 and named after the Serbian queen Natalija. The circuit is 4.5 km long. Beginning at the František Spring, head out down Národní Avenue to the fountain near the Sadová Café and continue to the right on Ruská Street around the Božena Němcová Theatre and the municipal park, where you will arrive at the railway viaduct. Directly beyond it to the right, you will see a small marker with a green heart, from where you set out on a forest path that leads you to the stone altar by the Château.

Beyond the Château, continue on the red hiking trail until reaching another verge marker with the sign “1,200 m”. By crossing the railway, you reach the Natalija Spring Pavilion over a meadow and a wide path. The trail back leads along the paved road around the Ferrous Spring. Cross the little bridge, go past the Peat Spa, the Colonnade of the Salty and Meadow Springs, and take the Isabella Promenade through the park to the Belvedere Spa Hotel and to the meteorological column.

Sights along the trail:

  • The Natalija Spring Pavilion
  • National (Národní) Avenue
  • The fountain by Park (Sadová) Café
  • The Božena Němcová Theatre
  • The forest altar by the Chateau
  • The Ferrous Spring
  • The Isabella Promenade
  • Hotel Belvedere
  • The Meteorological Column