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On the Feast of the Ascension of Jesus, on 26 May 1927, the ceremonial consecration of the Marian Forest Worship Altar (Waldnacht) took place. In Wiederman Park, it was built along with the Dankwarte, what is today known as the Château, at the behest of the Chairman of the Beautifying Society, Franz Köppl with his wife Maria. Today, we no longer know what the married couple was grateful for, but the inscription urges us to contemplate in peace: “This site of peaceful encounters and prayers was donated in 1927 by the Chairman of the Beautifying Society, Mr Franz Köppl and his wife, Maria, faithfully dedicated to their hometown.” On 15 May 1935, Franz Köppl unexpectedly died, and for eight days, candles were lit for the peace of his spirit

on the altar of the Forest Worship.

The Forest Worship was created by a stone block approximately two metres high, into which an oval medallion of the Madonna and Child was placed. The bas relief was designed by local sculptor, Johann Adolf Mayerl. Using small stones, a small altar was created in front of the Madonna, including a prie-dieu with a wooden board. Around the altar, erratic boulders from around Skalná were placed in a circular composition.