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Bicycle Trip to Třebeň

Trip information

  • Distance: 18 km
  • Change in elevation: 25 m


The trip begins at the František Spring in the centre of town and ends by the Aquaforum Water Park. Ride through the park on the road and turn onto the path to the left before the bridge located by the guarded parking lot. At the Peat Spa, cross the bridge and continue along Slatinný Creek around the Ferrous Spring all the way to the Natalija Colonnade. At the Ferrous Spring, you can take a small detour to Salingburg, then returning to the original path. On the road beyond Natalija, turn right, and just before Tršnice, turn left onto the unpaved road. The route will take you to the village of Doubí, where you will travel for approximately 300 m along cycle path 2133 before turning right onto a narrow path in the left bend. This is a shortcut to Lesinka, where you turn right and then left at the following intersection. Beyond Povodí, turn left, and continue on into Třebeň by going through Dvorek. Here, turn right, and then immediately left. Beyond Horní Ves, carefully cross the heavy traffic on the road, travel under two viaducts, and you will find yourself at the Aquaforum.

Sights along the route

  • 0.8 km Ferrous Spring – the maintained sourcing with an excellent acidulous mineral water
  • 1.3 km Salingburg – a lookout tower with an interesting design, rather a vista
  • 2.5 km the Natalija Spring – the colonnade with the sourcing of the acidulous mineral water
  • 6.6 km Doubí – a crossroads of cycle paths, turn-off to Mostov Chateau
  • 8.7 km Lesinka – a structure from the former highway dating to the 1940s
  • 10.5 km Starost (originally “Sorgen”) – the defunct village of Sorgen
  • 13.3 km Třebeň – a village in the central Cheb Region, with preserved Cheb farmhouses in the village