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The Natalija Spring Colonnade Colonnade


Natalie 388
Františkovy Lázně
351 01



The current colonnade, which was opened in 1930, was created according to the plans of local architect, Oskar Sgustav.

The Natalija Spring is one of the three “eastern springs” collected in 1878 for the purposes of the Imperial Spa, which was being constructed at the time. It was named after the future Serbian queen Natalija, who visited Františkovy Lázně in 1880. Beginning at the end of the 19th century, the spring was bottled and exported to Europe and abroad.

In 1900, it was granted, along with the town itself, the highest award at the World’s Fair in Paris.

Spring: Natalija

Please consult the drinking cure with the spa physician.