Spa treatment

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How to Arrange a Stay at the Spa

Spa treatment as an essential part of necessary medical care is reimbursed by the health insurance company either in full (comprehensive spa care – ComSC) or in part (contributory spa care – ConSC)


1. As in the case of other vacation stays, clients pay for their spa treatment, relaxation, weekend or wellness stay themselves. In addition to spending a pleasant holiday in a beautiful environment, clients staying at the spa also care for their health. 

2. Treatment stays focus on spa treatment and on the prevention of various diseases. Based on an entry examination and the client's health condition, the spa physician draws up an individual treatment plan consisting of suitable procedures. A physician's recommendation is not required for the reservation of spay stays by self-payers. Clients arrange their stay themselves at the selected spa facility.

3. Relaxation and wellness stays are intended for relaxation, regaining new energy and regenerating the body and soul. Each spa facility offers a selection of one-week or weekend stays. Clients select their stay at a specific spa facility from pre-assembled packages containing procedures, which are suitable for them and which they may undergo without any health risks. Some stays may also include a consultation with the spa physician.