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The New Colonnade with the Carbon Dioxide Gas Spa Colonnade


Národní třída
Františkovy Lázně



According to the original designs of Abbé Gruber, the square surrounding the František Spring was to be enclosed by two colonnades on each side, which were to connect the pavilion with the surrounding constructions. However, throughout the 19th century, only the so-called ”Old Colonnade” existed, leading from the Social Hall to the František Spring Pavilion. It was not until 1912 when a colonnade was built on the opposite side of the square according to the designs of Gustav Wiedermann, along with the Neo-Classicist building of the gas spa. The colonnade was dubbed as the ”New” Colonnade. However, this “ideal” state lasted for only two years, until the autumn of 1914, since the old colonnade was engulfed in flames that originated in one of the colonnade shops.

The publicly accessible colonnade.

The carbon dioxide gas spas with the Marie Spring - a source of dry CO2.

The Marie Spring sources in the building of the Gas Spa near the colonnade. It is used for gynaecological purposes (a dry sitz bath) and for mutual gas baths (baths of lower extremities). Carbon dioxide is very significant in the origin and occurrence of mineral water. On one hand, it helps the mineral water get to the earth’s surface, and on the other hand, it has a hand in enriching mineral water with minerals.

The carbon gas spa is accessible only to patients with procedures.