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The Maria Loreto Pilgrimage Site in Starý Hrozňatov

Trip information

  • Distance: 15.4 km

The pilgrimage site and the Great Way of the Cross

The pilgrimage church with the way of the cross located on the hill was founded by Jesuits from Cheb in the 17th century.



Near the village of Starý Hrozňatov, on top of the hill with a beautiful view of the landscape, you will find one of the remarkably interesting and gorgeous excursion destinations offered, which will especially captivate history and Baroque architecture buffs: The Maria Loreto Pilgrimage Site with the Chapel of Our Lady of Loreto.

Maria Loreto is a beautiful example of a person’s selflessness and respect for historical monuments. After 1945, the grounds were in the off-limit borderlands, and in 1952, it burnt down, leaving only overgrown ruins.
In 1992, a local compatriot established an association for the renewal of the Loreto, and in 1994, the Loreto was completely reconstructed and re-consecrated.
The grounds are publicly accessible and are well worth visiting by car or by bicycle.