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Mariánské Lázně

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Within a matter of years at the end of the 18th century, the inhospitable valley of the Slavkovský Forest was changed into a town of parks, colonnades, charming pavilions, and hiking trails. The spa was established thanks to the Premonstratensian monastery in Teplá, especially Abbott K. K. Reitenberger, the monastery physician J. J. Nehr, and gardener V. Skalník.


What must you see in the spa town of Mariánské Lázně
Mariánské Lázně represents a true architectural gem, as the town established according to a precise plan has not been changed by later renovations. You will enjoy not only the typical spa houses, hotels, and colonnades, but also the museum, statues, parks, and maintained hiking trails. The centre of spa life is the Neo-Baroque Art Nouveau iron-cast colonnade dating to 1889, the main spa promenade with its rich decorations, and several springs. In front of it, you will see the Singing Fountain, where spectacular light shows are accompanied by music every evening.

Who should you know from Mariánské Lázně
The great German poet, J. W. Goethe, loved the Bohemian spas; he was in Mariánské Lázně a total of three times, and it was here that he met his last great love, Ulrike von Levetzow. Goethe’s stays served as great advertisement for the new spa, and it garnered the attention of all of Europe. Goethe’s faith in the miraculous therapeutic powers of the Cross Spring was soon well-known, even the fact that he had this water sent to him in Weimar, bottled in jugs. The memorial plaque on the building “U Zlatého hroznu” (The Golden Grape) reminds us to this day that Goethe stayed here in the summer of 1823.

Tourist attractions of the spa and its surroundings
For instance, a great place for relaxation is the Roman Baths, built in 1896. Here, you will enjoy the historic atmosphere, complemented by the new wellness procedures. On walks to the surroundings, you can visit Park Boheminium that has miniature models of significant buildings from around the Czech Republic, and in the winter you will appreciate the maintained cross-country skiing trails or the downhill skiing slopes at Slalomář and Krakonoška in the local ski resort. A popular destination for spa guests is also Kladská with the fish pond, educational trail, and alpine-style hotel.