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Despite of the fact that Karlovy Vary was founded by the King and Emperor Charles IV already in 1350, news of the beneficial effects of the thermal and mineral springs did not spread around the world until the 18th and 19th centuries. However, since then, the flow of visitors to Karlovy Vary has not stopped, and today, it rightfully ranks among the most renowned spas in Europe.


What must you see in this city founded by Charles IV
The heart of the spa is the Hot Spring Colonnade with the Hot Spring, whose jets reach heights of up to 12 metres. The most famous spring in Karlovy Vary provides thermal water to all spa facilities and is the basic resource for the production of Karlovy Vary Spring Salts, as well as for the petrified souvenirs. The modern, freely accessible colonnade serves for rest and for the drinking cure, and curious visitors can even tour the underground area of the Hot Spring. For instance, you can see the famous stone roses and other stone items in various phases of processing.

Who should you know of the Karlovy Vary architects
If we were to consider Karlovy Vary as truly being a “gathering of cakes”, as the famous French architect Le Corbusier described the town, then without a doubt the most decorated cake would be Grandhotel Pupp. It is funny that it originated at the behest of someone who knew how to make cakes - the pastry chef J. J. Pupp, who married into a prominent Karlovy Vary family in 1760. What is today Grandhotel Pupp offers a selection of Czech and international cuisine in several luxurious restaurants and a café, which even Ludwig van Beethoven liked to visit.

Tourist attractions in Karlovy Vary
A necessary part of stays in Karlovy Vary is the tour of the Moser Glassworks and Visitor’s Centre, where you can also purchase the extremely -popular glass souvenirs. If you wish to try some traditional spa procedures or the entirely new relaxation and wellness programmes, set out for the Elisabeth Spa, among others, which is named after Empress Elisabeth, alias Sissi. And if you are perhaps a fan of golf, there is nothing simpler than travelling to the master’s 18-hole course of the oldest golf club in the Czech Republic.