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Easy Cycle Trip to Komorní hůrka Hill

Trip information

  • Distance: 2.9 km
  • Difficulty: easy in terms of time and fitness
  • Ascent: mild



Starting from the Tourist Information Centre, cross Slatinný Creek and ride around Hotel Bohemia, going uphill. At the crossroads, turn right in the direction of Komorní hůrka Hill. On the right side, you will pass a veteran tree - a silver maple. The circumference of its trunk is 455 cm, and its crown reaches a height of 22 m

At Komorní hůrka Hill, you will also notice a stone conciliation cross at the foot of Komorní hůrka Hill by the road to Klest, about 300 m north-west of the former solitary settlement of Komorní Dvůr (Kammerhof). According to legend, the cross was erected to commemorate the tragic accident of a local farmer. The cross stood on the edge of the field, where it got in the way while ploughing. Sometime at the beginning of the 20th century, the cross was apparently toppled over, and in 1937, it was erected again on the opposite side of the road, on the edge of the forest.

You can refresh yourselves and gather strength at the café and sauna of the Komorní Dvůr Hotel Tel. +420 354 429 700 info@komornihurka.eu

Or perhaps in the nearby restaurant of Stein Hotel, where there is also a mini-zoo, organic farm, and option of horseback riding. Tel. +420 354 423 301 info@resortstein.cz