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Welcome to the fish restaurant Rybářská bašta Fisherman’s Bastion.
In the beginning, we would like to briefly introduce the history of the house and restaurant. The first part of the building was built in 1909. The building was used for many purposes, such as a fishing association, scouts, gardeners lodge and as a back office for a boat rental at Swan Lake. In 1973 then the state-owned consumer cooperative-Jednota built the second part of the building and opened a restaurant specializing in traditional Czech fish cuisine.
In July 1987, my dear mother, Mrs. Eva Pešlová, came here as a manager and a waitress. After the revolution in 1989 she rented the restaurant for a long time and in April 1993 bought it from the state. In 2000, the house underwent reconstruction and received a new exterior appearance, which it keeps to this day.
But 2000 was an important year for me. After five years of studying at the Hotel School in Mariánské Lázně, I joined my mother in July and became another member of the Fishermen’s Bastion team. July 29, 2014 will forever be one of the saddest days of my life. Unfortunately, at that time, my mother and by guests ever so popular “Mrs. Eva”, succumbed to cancer after a long ten years of brave and optimistic battle. So, under sad circumstances, I became the new owner. I continue the family tradition of running a restaurant as carefully, professionally and with love as my mother did before me.

In order to improve our services, we would like to ask you to cooperate by following the following guidelines:
If you are planning to visit our restaurant in a group of more than 4 people, please make a reservation in advance.
If you come without booking, it may happen that your menu will wait a little longer than usual.
There is no service on the terrace in the rainy weather. We kindly ask not move the tables at the inside of the restaurant nor at the outside seating area. Our staff will promptly assist you and move the furniture for you. 

Meat and fish weights are always listed raw, and a list of allergens in meals can be brought to you by the staff upon request.


+420 354 542 964

U Labutího Jezírka 383
Františkovy Lázně