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The Town of Cheb

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Cheb ranks among the oldest towns in the Czech Republic - it was first mentioned in writing in 1061. Some of the interesting tourist attractions are Cheb Castle with its unique two-storey Romanesque-Gothic chapel, the “Špalíček” (“Little Block”) house, or the Church of St Nicholas. The “Krajinka” recreational grounds along the bank of the Ohře River is also worth visiting, offering many sports activities.






The half-timbered architecture of the Cheb Region - Rural Monument Reserve

The specific half-timbered architecture of the Cheb Region is worth mentioning. What is typical is its diamond fields and motley-coloured wooden elements. Often, the houses also have painted shutters with geometric symbols of protection, fertility, and luck. A typical example is farmhouse No. 18 in Milíkov or the village of Doubrava near Cheb, which was declared a rural monument reserve thanks to its half-timbered farmhouses and houses built in the Cheb architectural style. One of them, the so-called Rustler Farmhouse dating to 1751, today serves as an open-air folk museum of agriculture and village life and furniture of the 18th to 20th centuries./p>

The Doubrava Open-Air Museum, Doubrava 3, Doubrava, Lipová u Chebu 350 02, Tel.: +420 354 593 302

October–November 10.00 am – 4.00 pm April-September 10.00 am – 6.00 pm

The Cheb Trusses

A unique phenomenon are also the roof trusses of the houses of rich Cheb merchants, which were preserved thanks to the foresight of our ancestors.

Dates and bookings http://historickycheb.cz/cs/projekty/historicke-krovy--chebsky-fenomen#reservation

The meeting point is always in front of the tourist information centre in Cheb, no later than ten minutes prior to the beginning of the tour. The tour lasts for approximately one and a half hour.