The Sun Spring springs


Františkovy Lázně
351 01



In the fountain in Westend Park, not far from the Tennis Club and Swan Pond, you will find Spring No. 16 - the Sun Spring. The arrangement around the Sun Spring was assigned to the sculptor from Karlovy Vary, František Nonfried. The trumpet with the spring was placed between a pair of columns, which, in terms of escalation and symmetrical composition, is reminiscent of antelope horns. A bronze sun as a symbol of life and health is placed between them.

It is collected using a well and is meant for the drinking cure.

It has slight laxative effects, and is helpful during slight inflammations of the gut and the stomach.

Consult the drinking cure with the spa physician.

  • Collected in 1962
  • Depth 40 m
  • Flow rate 8 l/min
  • Temperature 11 °C
  • Mineral content 7,473 mg/l
  • pH 6.2
  • Free CO2 1,905 mg/l


  • Magnesium, Mg2+ 13 mg/l
  • Calcium, Ca2+ 90 mg/l
  • Iron (Ferrum), Fe2+ 12 mg/l
  • Sodium (Natrium), Na+ 2,175 mg/l


  • Chloride (Chlorine), Cl- 939 mg/l
  • Sulphate (SO42-) 2,983 mg/l
  • Calcium bicarbonate (HCO3-) 1,610 mg/l