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The Memorial Plaque of Johann Wolfgang Goethe on National (Národní) Avenue monuments and memorials


Národní třída 3/10
Františkovy Lázně


The author of the memorial plaque of J. W. Goethe found on the building at address National (Národní) Avenue No. 10/3 is J.A. Mayerl.

The bronze plaque is embedded into the façade of the building with a bas relief of Goethe’s head placed within a granite frame. In the corners of the metal plaque, there are the numbers 1932, alluding to the jubilee year of the 100th anniversary of J.W. Goethe’s death. The plaque was cast by the bell workshop of R. Herold from Chomutov.

The memorial plaque of J.W. Goethe at Komorní hůrka Hill commemorates Goethe as a geologist and natural scientist and celebrates his scientific contribution to the exploration of the geological origins of the hill. In 1932, a bas relief with Goethe’s profile was sculpted directly into the rocks not far from Sternberg’s adit. The author of it was Adolf Mayerl. The inscription above the entrance to the exploratory mining adit is “Den Naturfreunden gewidmet von G.K. Sternberg 1837”.