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The history of the Kateřina railway begins on 15 October 2011, when an exhibit on narrow-gauge railways was opened in the surroundings of Skalná. Its success allowed the public test drive of the Rampa - Kateřina route. The members of CS IMC later acquired wagons from the narrow-gauge railway of the Nováky Mine in Slovakia. After being repaired in the workshops of LB Minerals in Vonšov, regular operations on selected weekends were commenced on 19 August 2012. By this time, the route already began at the Soos Station. In the eight days of operations, when only two passenger cars were used, about 1,200 visitors rode the railway.

The second season began on 20 April and ended on 19 September 2013. Another repaired car, a DM12, was added to the vehicle fleet and so more tourists could be accommodated. In twelve days of operations, 2,102 visitors took a ride on the railway. Aside from these regular rides, several exceptional rides were organised. At the end of 2013, the Kateřina Narrow-Gauge Railway public benefit society was founded, which very narrowly works with both the founders, the railway associations of IMC Pilsen and M131.1, but primarily also with the owners of the infrastructure and the great sponsor of the railway, the LB Minerals, s.r.o. Company. Its establishment also laid foundation for the legal framework of all planned activities. The third season, between 19 April and 4 October 2014, already had 23 rides and 2,414 passengers. Another, already the fourth, car was added. The limiting factor for rides was the lack of volunteers to carry out this unpaid work. Aside from rides for the public, there were several dozens of volunteer jobs for maintaining the railway, the locomotives and cars, as well as the construction of social facilities of the railway in a former laboratory. In a hall at Soos, an exhibition of the museum was founded, and exhibits are continuously accumulated. The attractive atmosphere of the narrow-gauge railway and the proximity of the Soos Nature Reserve serve as a permanent base of prosperity and the future of the Kateřina Railway, which during the three years of its existence became a welcomed component of the entire Soos grounds.