South Gardens parks


Jižní zahrady
Františkovy Lázně
351 01



The area to the south of the František Spring represents one of the oldest and most prestigious parks in town. The park was developed continuously from the end of the 18th century until the 1920s as a formal parterre garden, and since the 1920s, when the park of the Salty and Meadow Springs were connected, it was adapted into a natural landscape park. In the 1930s, the Glauber Springs Hall became the dominant of the park.

The Hall is a spa pavilion constructed in 1930 according to the designs of the builder from Františkovy Lázně, Ernst Engelhardt, on site of the newly discovered springs - the Church Spring, Glauber III, and Glauber IV. The building is in the Neo-Classicist style and stands on a rectangular ground-plan with concavely bent groins. The façade is dominated by a column porticus with a gable. The technically modern building has retained its Classicist elements. The interior of the hall is reminiscent of a temple, creating an elevated atmosphere. There is no doubt that the gods of the Františkovy Lázně springs dwell here.