Relaxing Massages


Various types of massages using aromatic oils, honey, chocolate, and herbs have harmonising and gently stimulating effects. Vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and antioxidants are absorbed through the skin. They support overall relaxation, rest, and eliminate stress. During these types of massages, a wide range of touches and kneading are used, having a salutary effect on the massaged person. It especially contributes to renewing the health and to the proper functioning of the muscles and joints.

It is recommended that relaxing massages are applied regularly (1-2 times per week), since:

  • very stimulating effects on the blood circulation, metabolism, excretory system, and the central nervous system are brought about.
  • fatigue, stress, insomnia, and headaches are eliminated.
  • pleasant feelings are evoked, and deep relaxation is invoked.