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Peat Packs, Peat Baths


The peat from the Františkovy Lázně area is slightly acidic, sulphuric-ferrous, and is mainly made up of reeds. The minerals from the peat, which is milled and heated to a temperature of 40-42 °C, are absorbed by the skin, and the heat increases the blood circulation to the smooth and striated muscles while also relaxing them, boosts the metabolism, and has anti-inflammatory effects.

A peat bath is one of the very pleasant hydrotherapy procedures that is applied primarily when treating disorders of the locomotor system. You can guess according to the name that the therapeutic substance used is peat, which is rich in organic substances and minerals, and is thus truly beneficial for the human body.
Thanks to its ability to maintain a stable temperature for a long time, the body is gradually and evenly heated. After the bath, which lasts approximately 15 minutes, one rests in a dry wrap, and in some cases, enjoys a classic massage.

You can encounter peat not only during the peat bath, but it is also used in the form of packs. Of course, this also means a slightly different processing of the peat. Before the peat can be used, it must first be rid of the coarse ingredients and pulverised into a fine powder.

As a result of the intense heating of the body, the blood circulation of the tissues is increased, muscles are relaxed, resulting in the alleviation of any eventual pain. However, aside from the analgesic effects, peat also has excellent regenerative, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties.

Peat baths and peat packs are thus indicatedespecially for:

  • disorders of the locomotor system - (arthrosis, arthritis, painful syndromes of the spine and skeletal muscles)
  • respiratory system diseases
  • urological disorders
  • gynaecological disorders

During peat baths, the body is intensely heated and so it is relatively trying for the body. It is thus always necessary to consult it with the physician.