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Multi-functional Sports and Play Grounds For children,


Plynárenská 423/1
Františkovy Lázně



On the western edge of the town centre of Františkovy Lázně, the municipality had a multi-functional sports and play grounds for adolescents created by revitalising and regenerating land near Swan Pond with an area of 12,000 m². The grounds offer a skate park with national parameters, a multi-functional ballgame court, a traffic park, a hill for sledding in the winter, two children’s playgrounds (for children aged 5 and under and for the age category of 5–12 years), and a workout/callisthenic park

Technical facilities, e.g., a clubhouse and toilets, are also to be found.

The park has:

  • a skate park with national parameters
  • a multi-functional ballgame court
  • a traffic park
  • a sledding hill
  • two children’s playgrounds
  • a workout/callisthenic park
  • a clubhouse with toilets

By realising the project, a sports and recreation centre suitable especially for adolescents was created, which is now enjoyed by all age categories of town residents. What is appreciable is the grounds’ function as an alternative means for the exercise of spa guests, their accompanying families, and the other visitors to the town.