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Mechanical Lymphatic Drainage


This is a mechanical pressurised massage of the lower extremities. The machine itself has drainage covers for the lower extremities and a stomach belt. The covers have several air chambers that are gradually inflated - and intermittently massage the legs, which push out excess liquid from the periphery towards the centre of the body. The objective is to prevent and treat venous and lymphatic swelling, eliminating the feeling of “heavy legs” and cellulite. Another indication for the treatment is the chronic lymphatic swelling of the upper extremities, most often after oncological diseases.

Mechanical lymphatic drainage is suitable for:

  • treating lymph node (lymphatic) swelling, venous insufficiency
  • pre-operative and post-operative prevention
  • achieving and maintaining slim legs without cellulite

    Mechanical lymphatic drainage is not suitable for gravely and acutely ill persons.