Lymphatic Drainage


A pleasant procedure in which all groups of lymph nodes are gradually relaxed using gentle kneading. When the lymphatic or blood circulation stagnates, disorders of the metabolism, or even lymphedema, can occur. Lymphatic drainage is a painless manual method that is carried out by a specially trained therapist. The objective is to boost the drainage of the lymph in the damaged tissue using specific kneading and gentle pressure. The resulting feeling of lightness, reduction of swelling and leaks, as well as a slimming effect accompany the indisputable health benefits of this procedure. The greatest effects are achieved in combination with mechanical lymphatic drainage.

Manual lymphatic drainage is suitable for:

  • treating lymph node swelling and venous insufficiency.
  • pre-operative and post-operative prevention, even with post-injury states
  • achieving and maintaining slim legs without cellulite
  • detoxification and boosting the lymphatic drainage

    Manual lymphatic drainage is not suitable for gravely and acutely ill persons.