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The Amerika Forest Park For children, parks


Františkovy Lázně



The Amerika Forest Park expands around the fishpond of the same name, and directly attaches to the parks of Františkovy Lázně.

Amerika is an expansive breeding fishpond with an area of almost 60 ha. It belongs to the extensive system of fishponds located in the forest park. The island in the centre especially serves as a nesting area and as a stop of the bird migration for a whole range of water birds - you will recognise, for instance, the black-headed gull, the Eurasion coot, grebes, the Northern shoveller, the Eurasian teal, the Western marsh harrier, gadwalls, the Eurasian penduline tit, the bluethroat, and of course, ducks, swans, and cormorants. The eastern part of the fishpond serves for recreational purposes, and the Amerika Excursion and Camp Site is located here. A birdwatching platform is hidden on the northern edge of the fishpond. From here, you will see not only the water surface, but also the pond surroundings.

The entire area, with its maintained network of forest paths and rest areas primarily serves for the relaxation of the patients and visitors to Františkovy Lázně. There is a beach and a boat rental by the pond, and in 1898, a romantic excursion restaurant was constructed in the style of the half-timbered houses (typical for the Cheb region), and the atmosphere of fun is also accentuated by the zoo.

You can get here from the centre of Františkovy Lázně by a pleasant stroll, or you can take the popular mini-train.

A 2 km-long educational trail

will show you the flora and fauna of the forest park.

In the summer, you can also enjoy boat rides and swimming in the natural swimming hole.