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Group Remedial Exercise in a Pool


Exercise in pools is carried out in groups. It utilises the relaxing effects of warm water in combination with physical therapy. The temperature of the water is around 29-30° C. This is rehabilitative exercise carried out in water, which makes the exercises easier by alleviating the joints. Depending on the speed of the movement that is carried out, the resistance of water is much greater than the resistance of air, which increases the intensity of the exercise while also massaging the muscles. The environment of the water has beneficial effects on the spine and on the locomotor system. This therapy is usually applied during degenerative disorders of the locomotor system, arthrosis of large joints, problems with the shoulder girdle, as well as with post-operative and post-injury states.

The resulting effect:

  • strengthening weakened muscles
  • improving the range of motion
  • coordination of movement and overall fitness
  • training proper movement stereotypes.

    By exercising regularly, you will get into good shape.