Château lookout towers and viewpoints


Františkovy Lázně 225
Františkovy Lázně


Previously, this was the second lookout tower in Františkovy Lázně, located on the eastern edge of the town. It was originally known as “Dankwarte”, which could be loosely translated as “Grateful Vista”. During the First World War, it was built by the municipal Beautifying Society. The lookout tower was constructed to commemorate the deceased mayor of Františkovy Lázně and the long-term chairman of the municipal Beautifying Society, Gustav Wiedermann.

The building was ceremoniously opened to the public on 16 April 1916 and had many functions. On the ground floor, there was a humble restaurant, and guardsman lived on the first floor, who was also responsible for park maintenance and who permitted access to the lookout tower. At the time, the surrounding landscape was bare, so from the tower, you could see Cheb, and behind it, Dyleň and Zelený Hill with the Bismarck Lookout Tower, and also the headlands of the Fichtel and Ore Mountain ranges, and the hills of the Slavkovský Forest.

This expansive view is now long gone. Today, the lookout tower is dwarfed by the surrounding trees, and only very few visitors to the present-day stylish café know of its former purpose. The Château is located in the protected spa forest park. Two popular monuments are found in its proximity.

Currently, the lookout tower is only accessible to hotel guests.