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Klezmer Music Concerts

Date and place

  • organizer:Františkovy Lázně AQUAFORUM a.s.
  • place:Císařské lázně, 5. května 154, Františkovy Lázně
  • admission:300 Kč, 100 Kč hosté hotelů | für Gäste der Hotels Pawlik, Belvedere, Dr. Adler, Metropol, Luisa, Jesenius,


Actress Hana Frejková, together with her fellow players – Milan Potoček (clarinet) and Slávek Brabec (accordion) will lead you through an evening of klezmer music, where the magic of Yiddish will revive in old folk songs. They tell of human joys and sorrows - with wit, irony and nostalgia.

Ticket Reservations: +420 737 281 039