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Bohemia Ballet Dance events

Date and place

  • organizer:Městské kulturní středisko
  • place:Divadlo Boženy Němcové , Ruská 102 , Františkovy Lázně
  • admission:180, 240, 270, 300 Kč


Performing is the dance group of the Dance Academy of the Capital City of Prague. 
The Bohemia Balet ensemble are a regular guest  on the stage of the National Theatre. The young dancers are prize-winners and laureates of prestigious international ballet competitions.
Choreography assistant: Mgr. Jaroslav Slavický


WHO AM I? - choreography by Marika Blahoutová, plays. Luigia Saccardo , Lucie Matějová. The choreography tells about the journey to oneself, in a dramatic and funny way. Who are we inside ourselves? A topic that every human being deals with. Accepting yourself, your body, getting to know your soul, listening to yourself and understanding your inner self. To love myself as I am. Only in this way can we experience love, happiness and harmony.

FLY SAFELY - Choreography by Vojtěch Pilbauer and Luisa Brychcínová, Music by Germaine Franco, Dance by Luisa Brychcínová, Vojtěch Pilbauer, Jan Šimůnek. Anyone who has ever flown has experienced the lengthy moment when the flight crew gives a safety briefing. But what if the flight attendant himself gets into such a similar emergency situation? Will he be able to "safely" extricate himself from the clutches of the unruly passenger? Hopefully, it won't be boring for the others. Have a nice flight!

MOZARTISSIMO - Choreography - Marika Blahoutová, Costumes - Josef Jelinek, Music - W.A.Mozart, A Little Night Music. Choreography full of variety, rivalry of dance styles, relationship fits and human shenanigans, depicts the variety of dance techniques with Mozartian musical playfulness. With a touch of magic, it fulfils dreams of all kinds and graduates with the harmony of all the dancers in a virtuoso finale. Mozartissimo is technically very demanding, yet it evokes a sense of lightness, joy and excludes the laughter of the audience. It is performed as part of a composite performance consisting of multiple choreographies and is suitable for all ages.

PENZION ON THE SUBURBAN- Choreography by Hana Litterová, Assistant choreography by Marika Blahoutová, Music: musical collage on songs by Hana Hegerová, Piano by Pavel Hrbáček. A beautiful dance movement theatre inspired by the songs performed by the beloved legend Hana Hegerová, full of love, passion, emotion, pain, but also smiles, lightness and humour. With great respect and humility dedicated to the ninetieth birthday of this queen of Czechoslovak chanson. It is performed as part of a composite performance, composed of several choreographies.