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Date and place

  • organizer:Františkovy Lázně AQUAFORUM a.s.
  • date:24. July
  • time:19:00 - 21:00
  • place:Spa Resort Pawlik Aquaforum - Café Pawlik, 5. května 154, Františkovy Lázně
  • admission:50 Kč hosté hotelu Pawlik, Belvedere, Dr. Adler, Metropol, Luisa, Jesenius, 100 Kč ostatní hosté

Other dates

  • 24.07.
  • 07.08.
  • 28.08.


An amazing game that enjoys huge popularity in the world. If you've played it once, you know what we're talking about! Cross your bingo and win sweet rewards. An attractive game for all age groups, you will have fun and enjoy a bit of fun.