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The Wheelchair Trail - the Red Circuit

Trip information

  • Distance: 2.7 km
  • Change in elevation: 6 m

Stops on the route


The other circuit is marked by red markers, leads outside of the spa quarter of the town, and takes you to the fishpond of Amerika. There is also a small zoo and a forest gym there. The trail leads along a forest path, and part of it is a paved forest track. The circuit crosses the Blue Circuit in two places. From board No. 2, it leads against the current of Slatinný Creek to the site known as U Kapličky. Here, cross the creek, and continue along the forest path in the direction of Amerika. A small distance in front of it, turn left, and continue along the forest track until you reach the “blue” trail at the Alley of Martin Soukup. From here on out, both circuits lead along the same route until their destination.