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The Wheelchair Trail - the Blue Circuit

Trip information

  • Distance: 6.1 km
  • Change in elevation: 40 m


The Blue Circuit will take you around the spa centre. The trail leads primarily over paved roads and footpaths, only sometimes some sections might be muddier after heavy rains, and thus harder to manoeuvre, but these can be easily bypassed.

The circuit begins by the Františkovy Lázně Train Station not far from the parking lot and toilets. Information about the trail is found on the first information board. Here, the blue markers with a pictogram of a wheelchair begin, which will lead you back to the start. The trail leads along Nádražní Street to the Municipal Hall. This is the only place where the pavement is not wheelchair accessible, and it is necessary to ride a short distance on the road. In front of the park, turn right onto Francouzská Street and continue along this local road without car traffic to the intersection with Americká Street. Continue on the pavement along Dr Šimek Street to Westend Park, where you should ride around the stairs leading to the Glauber I Spring. Pass by the Sun Spring, reaching the Slatinný Creek and Board No. 2, where the second circuit also begins. However, you will continue along the creek to the Alley of Martin Soukup, and here you will again meet up with the second circuit marked with red markers. Continue straight along Mácha Street. After a while, cross perpendicularly over the creek and continue along it until reaching the Ferrous Spring. Ride under the railway and reach information board No. 3 by going around the peat lakes. Beyond the creek, go around the Natalija Spring and continue to follow the markers over the railway crossing to the restaurant and lookout tower known as Château. Return to town through the newly adjusted park. Ride under the railway twice, and then immediately turn right on Nádražní Trail back to the train station.