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The Blue Cardio Trail

Trip information

  • Distance: 6.7 km
  • Start: The František Spring
  • Destination: Komorní hůrka Hill
  • Time needed: about 1:50

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The longest of the “heart” cardio trails, it has a length of 6.7 km and leads all the way to the youngest volcano, Komorní hůrka Hill. This cinder cone with a height of 503 metres above sea level was made famous by poet J. W. Goethe, who, as an avid natural scientist, was captivated by it already during his first visit to Františkovy Lázně in 1808. In 1951, a National Nature Reserve was declared here.

The way to Komorní hůrka Hill leads along the František Promenade to Slatinný Creek. Beyond the bridge, continue to the right, going slightly uphill, from where you will have a nice view of the town. At the wooden guidepost, turn left, and after 1,300 m, you will reach the Komorní Dvůr settlement, from where the crater of the former volcano is found just 100 m to the right along the path. Walk around the volcano from the left using the forest path, and you find yourself at the entrance to the adit with the decorated entrance portal and the memorial plaque of J.W. Goethe, commemorating his scientific work. You can go back along the path that you came by, or you can continue along the blue hiking trail for about 1 km along the road leading to Klest, and from here continue straight for about 2 km all the way to the guidepost that shows the direction back to town.

Sights along the trail:

  • the František promenade
  • Komorní Dvůr
  • the J. W. Goethe memorial plaque
  • Komorní hůrka Hill