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The Bismarck Lookout Tower on Háj by Aš

Trip information

  • Distance: 22 km

The stone lookout tower was ceremoniously opened in 1904. Thanks to its circular view, you have a view of all cardinal points from a height of 25 metres.



The lookout tower on Háj Hill, one of our most massive lookout structures, is the most western lookout tower in the Czech Republic. Háj Hill, which is the highest peak of the Czech part of the Fichtel Mountains, is located nearby the town of Aš

The majestic 34-metre-high lookout tower was built in 1902-1904 according to the designs of architect Wilhelm Kreis. The construction was named after the Chancellor of the German Reich, Otto von Bismarck, whose name it carried until 1918, and the bronze bas relief of Bismarck remained at the tower until 1946.

From the four floors of the lookout tower, to which 122 stairs lead up to, you will see the beauty of the Karlovy Vary Region and the adjacent parts of Germany - the Ore Mountains with Klínovec, the Doupovské Mountains, the Bohemian Forest, Kapellenberg with the Green Mountain and television tower, Dyleň with its tower, Slavkovský Forest, and the German Fichtel Mountains with Schneeberg Mountain.

The tower is accessible by a 500 m walk from the Aš - Fichtelberg Park of Meetings and Sports.