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The town on a distinct rock promontory with a beautiful medieval castle is surrounded from three sides by the Ohře River. It has a quaint square with a Baroque Holy Trinity column and several historical burgher houses. It was here on the terrace of Bílý Kůň (White Horse) Hotel that Johann Wolfgang Goethe supposedly proposed to Ulrike von Lewetzov.


What must you see in this town with a breath-taking medieval castle
At Loket, you can not only see the castle interior, but also the collection of fragile porcelain and the gloomy torture exhibit in the dungeon cells. You can also go up the tower and see the town from a bird’s eye view. Families with children will enjoy the tours embellished with figures from the Loket legends, and they can also see the copy of the Loket meteorite, whose strange shape gave it the nickname of “Bewitched Burgrave”. You can also look forward to markets and crafts fairs, fencing shows, concerts, Wine Harvest festivities, or even very believable execution scenes.

Who should you know from Loket
On the ground floor of the Early Baroque municipal hall in Loket, there is the municipal library with an exhibition on artistic book bindings. The prominent artistic book binders, Jan and Jarmila Sobota, stood behind the establishment of this unique museum after returning from the USA in 1997. Aside from dozens of historical as well as absolutely modern book bindings, presented according to the original plans of the exhibit founders, you can also see a completely functional book workshop from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries with all its equipment.

Tourist attractions of this town on the Ohře River
Loket is often a popular stop for canoeists on their trips down the Ohře River - and it is said that the section between Loket and Karlovy Vary is one of the prettiest river sections in the Czech Republic. So, continue further along the bank of the Ohře River to the place where the deep valley is hemmed by the Svatoš Rocks, accompanied by the legend of a petrified wedding party. You should also not forget to taste the beer from Loket, which is brewed in the small “Svatý Florian” (St Florian) brewery found in the former malthouse located in “Císař Ferdinand” (Emperor Ferdinand) Hotel. Also in this hotel, you will find a relaxation centre with a whirlpool and massages.