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Bicycle Trip to Seeberg

Trip information

  • Distance: 39 km
  • Change in elevation: 52 m



The trip begins and ends at the Františkovy Lázně train station. From the train station, stay on the red hiking trail through Žírovice until reaching the village of Nový Drahov, where you get on the marked cycle path 2133. Turn left and then right again and continue on the cycle path through Kateřina all the way to Skalná. At Skalná, set out on the new cycle path leading to Starý Rybník, from where you continue along the road to Seníky. At the solitary house of Seníky, turn left, and at the following intersection, get on the hiking trail, this time the green, and continue in the direction of Žírovice. In the village, turn off the green trail to the right, cross the road and get on the red trail, upon which you began the excursion. You will return to Františkovy Lázně on this path.

Sights along the route

  • 4.3 km Nový Drahov – a rural monument reserve with half-timbered houses
  • 5.5 km SOOS – a nature reserve – mofettas, gas sourcing
  • 7.1 km Kateřina – the narrow-gauge mining railway
  • 9.1 km Zelená – a preserved half-timbered farm
  • 10.9 km Skalná – the Romanesque castle of Vildštejn with the Fire Brigade Museum, the church of St John the Baptist, the cemetery chapel of St Sebastian
  • 12.3 km Starý Rybník – the castle ruins and the abandoned château