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Bicycle Trip to Salingburg

Trip information

  • Distance: 15 km
  • Change in elevation: 60 m


The trip begins and ends in the centre of town, at the crossroads of cycle path 36 near the park. Start out on the trail leading along Slatinný Creek around Salingburg up to the crossroads by Pyramida Hotel. Cross the road and continue on into Střížov up to Komorní hůrka Hill. At the intersection by the restaurant, turn left and continue through Klest and along the road to Pomezná, continuing on the arterial road to Pomezí, where you will go uphill to Vlčí Hill (Vlčí vrch). Beyond the hill, turn onto the forest path to the right into the forest, from where you will again reach the road going into Lužná. Here, turn right and continue around the fishpond of Amerika. At the intersection near the Krapice settlement, get on cycle path 36 and continue on it, remaining on the banks of Amerika, until reaching the destination of your trip.

Sights along the route:

  • 1.1 km Salingburg – the lookout tower constructed in 1906
  • 4.4 km Komorní hůrka Hill - the youngest volcano in the Czech Republic
  • 8.5 km Studna near Lužná – the nature monument of Studna - peat bog is nearby
  • 11.0 km Amerika – a bird reserve on the island in Amerika fish pond
  • 12.3 km Amerika Forest Park – an educational trail and animal exhibit
  • 13.5 km the Chapel – a romantic chapel in the forest
  • 14.0 km The Sun Spring – a delicious acidulous mineral water