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A Walk around the healing mineral springs

Trip information

  • Distance: 2.8 km
  • Start: The Glauber Springs Hall
  • Destination: Tourist Information Centre
  • Time needed: about 42 min.


Lets go and listen to the sounds made by these therapeutic springs together. On 22 March, you can celebrate International Water Day with this walk.

1st stop: The Glauber Springs Hall

This hall, a spa pavilion, was constructed in 1930 on site of the newly discovered Church, Glauber III, and Glauber IV springs. The interior of the hall is reminiscent of a temple, creating an elevated atmosphere. There is no doubt that the gods of the Františkovy Lázně springs dwell here.
You can also taste the live water of the Church and Glauber III springs from the tap located outdoors.
Hint: look for the stairs and the stately oak.

2nd stop: the František Spring

The first roof protecting the spring from impurities was erected in 1789, the work of the “municipal medico” from Cheb, who later became the first spa physician here, Bernhard Vincenz Adler (1753–1810). It was he who stood at the origins of properly caring for the local natural therapeutic resources, and so he is considered the founder of the spa. Dr Adler, however, did not have it easy at first. In 1791, not everyone was inclined to accept his plan to
use the local spring.

Can you guess why he was known as the “thief of bread” in this period?

3rd stop: Luisa’s Spring

This spring is roofed over by the original structure with an elliptical ground-plan, and is shrouded in mystery as to its naming.

Do you know after which Luisa this spring could be named after, and do you have a reliable source for this information?

4th stop: the Glauber I Spring

One of the Glauber springs is located by Swan Pond. The springs are distinct for their high content of so-called Glauber salts. Glauber salts (mirabilite) has been known since the 17th century, when it was made by J.R. Glauber through the reaction of the compound of sodium chloride and sulphuric acid.

Taste Glauber I, and you will surely discover the chemical formula of this salt.

5th stop: Glauber II

In the Amerika Forest Park, there is a wooden gazebo covering the Glauber II Spring, which is primarily used for the drinking cure. It has slightly weaker “running” effects than the previous spring of Glauber I.

Do you know why the Glauber salts are so miraculous?

6th stop: The Forest Chapel

On your way through the Amerika Forest Park, you will also pass the small wooden forest chapel dating to 1884. It was constructed according to the designs of G. Wiedermann as a token of thanks for the generous financial gift from Mrs Therese Fleischer from Zwickau. She donated 1,500 marks for the maintenance and expansion of the park.

Stop and take a rest here. You can even ring the bell and give your humble thanks for the therapeutic waters of the Františkovy Lázně springs.

Ring the bell and think of your loved ones.

7th stop: The Sun Spring

The Sun Spring was first collected in 1983. The appearance of the spring was entrusted to the sculptor from Karlovy Vary, František Nonfried. The trumpet with the spring was placed between a pair of columns, which, in terms of escalation and symmetrical composition, is reminiscent of antelope horns. A bronze sun as a symbol of life and health was placed above and between them. This is one of the exceptional cases when a statue gave name to a spring.

Can you guess why this spring never freezes over?

Destination: Tourist Information Centre

Please send your experiences from your walk and the answers to the questions to the e-mail address: info@frantiskovy-lazne.info or stop by in person. 

We look forward to seeing you.