Travelling – by car

You can reach Františkovy Lázně comfortably by driving
on motorways and primary roads. There are several
parking areas in its surroundings.

Parking in Františkovy Lázně

Františkovy Lázně offers short-term and long-term automated parking at the South Parking or North Parking.  Another paid car park is located at the Aquaforum.  Parking is possible at designated parking spaces where the applicable parking fee is paid by means of parking machines. Keep in mind that parking in residential parking zones is permitted only for 15 minutes. A parking disc needs to be displayed behind the windshield. Most spa hotels offer parking to their guests directly at the hotel.  Such service is often subject to a charge.  We recommend obtaining information on parking options and reservations from the hotel reception beforehand.


Entry to the spa zone is permitted after paying a fee at the payment machine located at the intersection of Boženy Němcové Street and Dr. Pohoreckého Street (near Božena Němcová Theatre). ("Zone of no entry for all motor vehicles except for vehicles with a paid local fee and no parking outside designated parking areas.") 

The spa zone is delimited by the streets:
Dr. Pohoreckého, Boženy Němcové, Jiráskova, Národní třída, Husova, Poštovní, a part of Ruská

The spa zone includes a pedestrian zone, which is marked by traffic signs permitting goods delivery from 6.00 am to 9.30 am.

Fee Rates

Rates of fees for motor vehicle entry permit

The payer is a natural or legal person to whom a permit for the entry of a motor vehicle to the above indicated territory was issued.

  • CZK 50 per vehicle/day
  • CZK 200 per vehicle/week
  • CZK 850 per vehicle/month
  • CZK 8,500 per vehicle/year

The fees are administered by the Municipal Authority of Františkovy Lázně, Building and Environment Department, which proceeds in relation thereto in accordance with the provisions of Act No. 337/1992 Coll., on the Administration of Taxes and Fees, as amended, unless stipulated otherwise by Act No. 565/1990 Coll., on Local Fees, as amended.

Vehicle Operation

The operation of vehicles at the selected location is permissible only with a permit issued by the Municipal Authority, which must be placed at the edge of the windshield on the driver's side.

A motor vehicle entry permit does not apply to the following vehicles:

  • § vehicles with absolute right of way and vehicles accompanied by them

  • § vehicles with priority right of way and vehicles accompanied by them

  • § vehicles used for the transportation of disabled persons and labelled with traffic sign 01, 02, provided that such persons are being transported in them

  • § vehicles owned by the Františkovy Lázně Heating Company

Travelling by Car

You can reach Františkovy Lázně comfortably by driving on motorways and primary roads.

Direction from Karlovy Vary
You can drive from Karlovy Vary to Františkovy Lázně almost all the way on motorway D6 (Prague – Karlovy Vary – Cheb). The motorway section from Karlovy Vary to Cheb is temporarily toll-free for passenger vehicles (you do not need to buy a motorway vignette).

Direction from Plzeň
You can drive from Plzeň to Františkovy Lázně on motorway D5 (Prague – Plzeň – Rozvadov). Leave the motorway at Exit 128. Continue on Road 21 in the direction of Planá near Mariánské Lázně, Chodová Planá, Cheb.

Border Crossing with Germany 

Waldsassen (district of Tirschenreuth, Bayern) /  Cheb – Svatý Kříž   
Waldsassen – Františkovy Lázně distance 16.2 km, Road B299, 214, 21330

Schirnding (district of Wunsiedel, Bayern) / Cheb – Pomezí 
Schirnding – Františkovy Lázně distance 13.9 km, Road E48, 21330

Schönberg (district of Vogtland, Sachsen)/ Vojtanov 
Schönberg – Františkovy Lázně distance 8.9 km, Road B92, 21 

Selb (district of Wunsiedel, Bayern)/ Aš  
Selb – Františkovy Lázně distance 25.4 km, Road 64, 21

Parking Machines

Mon-Sun 8.00 am – 8.00 pm, Anglická, Ruská , Školní, and ČSA Street 

Paid parking fees 

  • Each commenced hour CZK 30
  • All-day CZK 300 

Parking in residential parking zones

(pay attention to traffic signs) 

Parking spaces reserved for residents allow you to park your vehicle for 15 minutes (you need to place a parking disc behind the windshield of your vehicle). Parking in Františkovy Lázně is closely monitored by the municipal police and any parking offences may be subject to a fine.

Municipal Police

Nádražní 208/5, 351 01 Františkovy Lázně

Tel: +420 354 479 241 (police station)

Tel: +420 602 136 315 (police patrol)


South Parking 

It is located near the Bohemia Hotel. 

Klostermannova ul., 351 01 Františkovy Lázně

Tel: +420 604 790 007, +420 604 616 171



Possibility of one-day and long-term parking.  The parking is equipped with CCTV, automatic service, and a cash desk. Payment is possible in CZK and EUR, by card or contactlessly.  

Special rates are offered for long-term parking, which may be reserved by e-mail or online. 

The automatic parking gate is customised to allow the entry and exit of vehicles up to the height of buses.  The parking fee for up to 3m long vehicles is the same as for passenger vehicles. The fee for the first parking day is CZK 150 and a reduced fee is charged for each additional day (the complete pricelist is available here.

Aquaforum Parking 

5. května 19, 351 01 Františkovy Lázně

Tel: +420 354 206 500


Upon submitting a valid parking ticket, Aquaforum visitors are entitled to a discount from the admission fee corresponding to the length of their stay, however, up to the maximum amount of CZK 100. 

The parking is not guarded

Parking fee:

  • 1 hour = CZK 20
  • Each commenced hour = CZK 20
  • Minimum fee = CZK 20

North Parking

It is near the railway station. 

Nádražní stezka 1, 351 01 Františkovy Lázně

Tel: +420 737 558 449


The parking is open 24/7 and offers garage parking or parking spaces. 

Discounts are provided depending on the parking duration.

Link to map:here