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The Bust of Dr Adler monuments and memorials


Františkovy Lázně 77
Františkovy Lázně



The bust of the spa founder, the Cheb municipal physician Dr Bernhard Adler (1753-1810) stands on a prismatic pedestal. The bust was created in 1902 by sculptor Karl Wilfert at the behest of the mayor at the time, architect Gustav Wiedermann. The pedestal made of red syenite carries the inscription “Dr BERNHARD ADLER”. The bust, carrying the symbol of Asclepius’ staff as the symbol of medicine and the signature of “K. WILFERT. EGER.” is made of marble. The bust itself is made of Carrara marble.

The marble bust of the founder of the spa stands in front of the Colonnade of the Salty and Meadow Springs.