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The Soos Nature Reserve is located approximately 6 km north-east of Františkovy Lázně.

This area of the prehistoric Soos Forest (the “Soos Silva”) with an area of 221 ha was declared a national nature reserve in 1964. The Soos area represents an extensive peat bog and fens, where a large amount of mineral springs and pure carbon dioxide rise up from so-called mofettas - also known as mud volcanoes. An educational trail leads along the bottom of a dried-up lake, which was formerly full of salty (mineral) water. A true European rarity was left behind in Soos - the so-called Kieselguhr Peak.

There is an educational trail of the length of 1.2 km located on the grounds, ageo-park, a museum with the “Nature of the Cheb Region” and “Nature of Soos” exhibits, as well as a pavilion with the “History of the Earth” exhibit, which is dedicated to palaeontology, including large-sized reproductions of paintings by Zdeněk Burian and life-sized models of prehistoric lizards. The exhibit “The Birds of the Cheb Region”, part of the current Nature Museum, is also found on the grounds.