A special method that has numerous effects - analgesic, anti-inflammatory, bio-stimulative, hyperemic (improving the blood circulation), and anti-edematous. A light ray that energises cells at the point of radiation, thus stimulating their division. This causes the more rapid regeneration of damaged tissues. Lasers also help kill bacteria and viruses.
The versatility of using non-invasive lasers is manifest in its use in acupuncture when its application at acupressure points can substitute the use of needles.

The most common indications for laser shower therapy are various painful states, such as:

  • pain of muscles, tendons, and joint capsules caused by injuries or inflammation
  • pain of both small and large joints, rheumatoid arthritis, arthrosis of a degenerative nature
  • tennis elbow, spinal pain of various origins, pain of the sacroiliac joint, and many other painful states

    The use of lasers in treating scars is irreplaceable, where the result is primarily a wonderful cosmetic effect and the significant acceleration of healing.